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Seriously, who was in charge or marketing Brussels Sprouts for the past fifty years. Growing up those things were a punishment in my family. They’re a cliched shitty food in pop culture.

The kicker is, they’re fucking awesome. Ever restaurant has them these days, and they’re all fantastic.

Perhaps nobody ever knew how to prepare them correctly until 2015. How times change. Verdict: Jim Keliher approves.

Jim Keliher Missed Opportunities: The Helsinki Party Boat

I don’t regret many things in life, but I sure regret not taking the “party boat” from Stockholm, Sweden to Helsinki, Finland back when I had the chance. Not sure what I was thinking by worrying about my making scheduled flight back to London…

I don’t know who this guy is who shot this video, nor do I know what happened when the video cuts out, but I’m guessing he had a damn fine night. It’s basically a day-long round-trip cruise from Stockholm to Helsinki on a boat populated by people looking to drink and have fun. As an added bonus, I like to think that many of the women looked much like the women in this video: Swedish.

So yeah, it’s clearly not Boston, and it’s not the ferry to Vineyard Haven.