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James Keliher, Blogger

Turns out my cousin James Keliher launched a blog of his own a few weeks back. Us Kelihers are late to the Internet party, but we’re here now, and it’s better late than never.

Here’s a little taste of his work:

Testing 1-2-3: I’m James Keliher

Yes, he’s a scientist. A very different career path than me, but no less the traveler, explorer, drinker and dare I say ladies man. We don’t intersect all that much over the course of the year beyond the usual slate of holidays, birthdays, trials and other stuff like that. Family stuff is challenging at times, but James is one of the more solid Kelihers out there, and is always fun to hang around with.

I’d imagine we can swap WordPress tips, follower counts, and share our adventures out there in social media. Maybe a friendly contest to see which one of us can date a reader first… It’s truly amazing how many different ways there are to meet people these days, and to get a degree of interaction going. Twitter and Facebook are huge ways to interact with strangers, and though I’ve never used any of the dating apps (or hookup apps), I can only imagine what game-changers those are. Might be worth a try experimenting.

Cousin James Keliher is on the web, who would’ve thought. Granted he’s really into science and technology (understatement), but he never seemed as self-promotional as a blog would suggest. Well, it’s all the new reality. I have little doubt that in a few decades you’ll get a homepage along with your birth certificate, so you’re right there online from the start. Privacy erodes, and public visibility becomes the new goal.

Happy to do my part, and share what I feel is worth sharing, and make whatever impact I can – be it useful bike tips, travel tips or just share some good drinking stories of stuff that’s happened to me along the way when I stopped pedaling, and started getting drunk.

Here’s What I’m Thinking: Writing Is My New Drug

So it’s time to start blogging again. I did it a few years back when I had nothing else to do after my cycling mishap and was laid up in bed, blitzed on painkillers for a couple of months. Sure, it helped me pass the time through that overly long period of inactivity, but it also provided me with an unanticipated creative outlet to express myself whenever the desire struck. With the painkillers a distant memory, it was time to get back to the other drug that got me through those months: writing. Writing is my new drug. It’s been gnawing at me over the years to get back to it, and I figured with a new year about to begin, now was the perfect time to start it up again.

No promises that I’ll have anything interesting to say, but there’s always the shot that I, Jim Keliher, will write something that you find amusing, informative or inspiring. I know that when I did this the first time around, that the words came easily (which might’ve just been the painkilling drugs talking) and that my ramblings helped a few buddies navigate their way through similar circumstances. Keep in mind, this was back before Netflix was available on every TV, laptop and iPhone in the world. In other words, there are far more diversions now, but I’m guessing this will have some traction for you all.

I’m all in on this though, as my hefty payment to GoDaddy will confirm. I’ve cycled through unique places around the world, met a random cast of characters: Archie the cab driver, Paul the attorney, Susanna the chef and of course Melanie the physical therapist are some of the more amusing tales I hope to tell in the coming months.

If it falls flat, whatever, at the end of the day it’s still my creative outlet, my new drug, even if nobody is reading.