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High hopes

I guess I never became the blogger I had hoped for.

I should’ve known that I’d never stand a shot during the summer of actually sitting down in front of the keyboard and writing anything of substance. Far too many diversions, distractions and destinations filled my calendar to make blogging much of a reality. This, despite some decidedly blog-worthy events in recent months. So, that’s how it goes.

When I wasn’t working, I was either cycling or trying to date. Emphasis on trying. In this age of Tinder and Bumble, eHarmony and Match, dating should be easier, but it really isn’t. Sure, I suppose it’s easier to get laid (much easier…) but to actually attempt to make a connection with somebody, that feels harder. At least to me. Individual mileage may vary.

Cycling, on the other hand was a breeze. Vineyard, Nantucket, seemingly everywhere around Eastern Massachusetts, on-road, off-road, I logged some serious miles. You know what, it was transcendent. While the rest of my life was rather chaotic (for me) and disjointed, when I was out there on the bike, most of the time with no pre-planned destination, nothing else mattered. Escape is good. Escape is vital. Escape was mine.

Over the course of my travels, I met some fun people – which should come as no surprise. From Alex and Alexa (seriously!) out in Stow with their synched playlists, to Team Trippin’ in Menemsha searching in vain for post-ride cocktails adjacent to that oh-so-perfect bike ferry. Granted, I met all those people when I was off the bike, but had I not biked to these locations in the first place, the connections never would’ve happened.

The introspection is good when I’m out there doing my thing. I need that time alone, in my head, to sort through my life, but fortunately, I’m also able to completely turn off those thoughts and can just experience the bumps of the road, the scenery around me and the thrill of the road/trail.

Bicycles are almost as good as guitars for meeting girls.

- Bob Weir, The Grateful Dead -

Beach Girls

Confession: I’m ready for summer. Even if this winter was basically a no-show, I’m ready to skip spring and head right for summer. I want to be out there on the beach at The Cape, The Vineyard, up in Maine or even on Lake Winnipesaukee – it doesn’t need to be the ocean. Sand, sun & bikinis and I’m good to go.

Pretty Woman on Her Bike • Jim Keliher

It’s pretty simple really: I like women who ride bikes, so it’s no surprise that I like this video that I posted to Vimeo.

That said, all you women out there, don’t buy into the bad press that cycling gets every now and then, all the women I know who cycle regularly have no complaints about any decrease in sexual satisfaction or physical sensation. If anything, the opposite is true: regular cycling ups their circulation, endorphins, the whole deal – so in the end, everything’s better.

Jim Keliher Missed Opportunities: The Helsinki Party Boat

I don’t regret many things in life, but I sure regret not taking the “party boat” from Stockholm, Sweden to Helsinki, Finland back when I had the chance. Not sure what I was thinking by worrying about my making scheduled flight back to London…

I don’t know who this guy is who shot this video, nor do I know what happened when the video cuts out, but I’m guessing he had a damn fine night. It’s basically a day-long round-trip cruise from Stockholm to Helsinki on a boat populated by people looking to drink and have fun. As an added bonus, I like to think that many of the women looked much like the women in this video: Swedish.

So yeah, it’s clearly not Boston, and it’s not the ferry to Vineyard Haven.