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Seriously, who was in charge or marketing Brussels Sprouts for the past fifty years. Growing up those things were a punishment in my family. They’re a cliched shitty food in pop culture.

The kicker is, they’re fucking awesome. Ever restaurant has them these days, and they’re all fantastic.

Perhaps nobody ever knew how to prepare them correctly until 2015. How times change. Verdict: Jim Keliher approves.

Fun At The Expense of Writing

So I haven’t written at all during my Cali trip, pretty much because I’ve been having so much fun. I suppose that’s a worthwhile tradeoff. It hasn’t exactly been beach weather here, for people who live here, but for me it’s downright tropical. As expected, I’ve biked out to the beach most days I’ve been here, and it’s been decidedly glorious. The weather, the girls, and my new favorite thing, Umami Burger. I have been taking pictures though, Lots of pictures.

Santa Monica Beach Crowd

So yeah, it beats a day in the office by a wide margin. I biked solo yesterday, and met a couple cool girls on the beach. Both of them were wearing American flag bikinis, and why I don’t have a photo of that, I really can’t quite fathom, as that was surely one of the more memorable moments of the trip. Then again, I might get another shot, as the three of us (!!) are supposed to meet for dinner tomorrow.

They’re angling for sushi, which historically I’m not much of a fan of, but I suppose it’s worth the gamble to be as agreeable as possible for the night, solely to see where I’d end up. Seems like I’m in, although I’ve been categorically known to misread these types of clues, with an abundance of close calls where things almost happen. Then there’s the other scenario, where I didn’t realize a woman was into me, and the next thing I knew, we’re waking up in bed together the next morning. No doubt somewhere between the two is where tomorrow night will land.

I hit up Jamba Juice in The Valley today, along with my iPad. Perfect day to sit outside, answer some emails and watch the world pass by. I could do that every day, I”m guessing it’ll happen a few more times before it’s time to hop on that flight home.

Jim Keliher At Jamba Juice